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New Thought Education
Divine Science School - Divine Science Classes
Emerson Institute - New Thought Classes
Fillmore College - New Thought Seminary
Holmes Institute - New Thought Seminary
Institute of Truth - Metaphysical Classes
JC Seminary - New Thought Education
New Thought University New Thought Classes
NorthWest Studies - Spiritual Living Classes
One Spirit Seminary - New Thought Seminary
Sedona University - Graduate School
love School of Truth - New Thought Studies
blessings Unity Village - New Thought Divinity School
blessings University of Healing - New Thought University
blessings University of Metaphysics - New Thought
blessings University of Spirituality - New Thought
blessings University of Transformation - New Thought


The world is full of wonderful opportunities to learn
New Thought: "Change your thinking, change your life"
Get unbiased answers to your questions
about New Thought Education

There are New Thought Institutes around the globe. Whether you want to study New Thought in the South Seas or in San Diego

There are New Thought online studies programs and wonderful New Thought classes and New Thought education worldwide!

The cost of attending these New Thought institutions does not reflect the quality of education.
There is no relation between cost & quality!

New Thought Online Studies programs
& New Thought Correspondence courses

Around the globe people are flocking to New Thought. The contemporary manifestation of this spiritual tradition either stems from the teachings of Anne Hutschinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson or from Phineas Quimby. The roots go back to the ancient Greeks, the Sumerians, India, & China and of course the teachings of Christ and Buddha. Students today are often the brightest and the best from around the globe who are looking for a Universal Matrix of Understanding. They are looking at the religions of their famiies and finding them lacking in essential ways and observing that some of the strongest global religions seem to continually foster war and destructive behavior that is rooted in the denial of spiritual truth and human life.

In the 20th Century the dominant forces in New Thought were in the United States, but today as the United States increasingly chooses military primacy over economic strength and educational enfranchisement, New Thought is blooming around the world.

There are some wonderful New Thought Correspondence Courses and online studies programs which mean you don't have to a fortune flying across the globe to get your New Thought Education.

Exploration of the various options available to you and making a good decision that supports your spiritual evolution is the first step in moving forward on your path

New Thought Certificate programs
New Thought Certification and New Thought "licensing" is the process by which those pursuing New Thought as a spiritual path and desiring to help others to grow become practioners and teachers as well as ministers. There are some great New Thought certificate programs being offered by many different New Thought Institutions. Some New Thought programs are over 100 years old. There are a growing number of innovative New Thought Institute programs teaching partnership perspectives and compassionate consciousness. There are also programs that are expensive and despite their self promotion may not be providing you with any additional tools to insure your success as a minister or happiness in your path.

New Thought Degree programs offer a variety of religious degrees!
There are all kinds of New Thought degree programs. Some of them lead to being a New Thought minister, others lead to becoming New Thought practitioners of Spiritual Healing and still others lead to various New Thought degrees. There are New Thought religious degrees from New Thought bachelors to New Thought doctorates.

These are all religious degrees and we only list New Thought educational programs which have some repute. We remind the reader that there are all kinds of of New Thought degrees and all the institutions are equally valid.

Religious degrees of any kind are not the same as degrees in the arts and sciences awarded by distinquished universities such as the Unversity of Mexico, University of Vienna, Oxford, Harvard or University of California.

New Thought Classes in Africa
Study New Thought in the
South Seas
New Thought Institute in Mexico
New Thought University
New Thought Ordination in Europe
New Thought Studies in Brazil
Study Buddihst New Thought
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